Turnaround, New Construction, & Re-Commissioning

Planning, Scheduling & Estimating

The TCS planning and scheduling team is our largest division, filled with the most experienced personnel in their respective disciplines. Positions provided range from top level Planning and Scheduling Managers that can manage all aspects of the front-end loading for any project down to discipline level planners for piping, fixed equipment, instrumentation, high voltage electrical and rotating equipment.

Management & Coordination

Our team of project managers and coordinators are highly experienced professionals that specialize in an array of disciplines to fit your resource needs from Project Managers to discipline coordinators. The key functions being management and coordination on behalf of the owner.

Scope &
Budget Development

TCS can consult or directly manage any scope collection, approval, and risk ranking needs during the initial phases of your projects to include piping, fixed equipment, instrumentation, high voltage electrical and rotating equipment. We also provide the resources to develop both the long-range budget (±30%) as well as the control budget (±10%) based on the completed schedule and staffing plans for any type of project.

Tools & Processes

Our inhouse developers and system engineers can provide or develop client specific software tools that bring continuity and efficiency to the management of your projects. The software tools range from multi-user secured databases and mobile applications to simple forms. TCS has an extensive library of documented processes and standards for all aspects of turnaround management, these documents can be tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Material Management

Our material management services are unparalleled in the industry. The quality and work ethic within this division of TCS is outstanding and when used in conjunction with our planning software and our “Kit on Demand” approach to material we are second to none.

Mechanical Integrity Inspections

The TCS MI/QA team is staffed by some of the most experienced and professional API Inspection consultants in the industry. We work as an Owner/User resource providing Mechanical Integrity solutions by assisting clients with in-depth corrosion studies, equipment history reviews, and all other API support for Turnaround planning and coordination.


TCS provides consulting services in all areas and phases of turnaround, new construction, and re-commissioning projects.


Turnaround Readiness Assessment

TCS performs readiness assessments on all phases of turnarounds. We use a four phased approach to deliver both immediate and long-term actionable items to improve the success and repeatability of projects.

Readiness and Restart Assessments

TCS performs restart assessments on idled facilities that are being considered for re-commissioning.  A Typical assessment includes but is not limited to scope development and validation, mechanical integrity equipment and piping assessments, conceptual or detailed schedule, conceptual or detailed TIC estimate, etc.

Specialty Planning & Coordination

TCS provides resources to scope, plan or coordinate the following areas:

  • Logistics
  • Health, Safety & Environmental
  • Permit Writers
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Procurement
  • Temporary Power
  • Designers

On-Stream & Due Diligence

On-Stream API & NDT

TCS supports Client On-Stream Inspection Departments by providing API 510, 570 and 653 Nested Inspection personnel. TCS also provides certified and professional Level II inspection technicians qualified per the TCS NDT Written Practice and Procedures for UTT, UTS, MT, PT and PMI disciplines.

MI Program Development and Implementation

Routinely, more manufacturing facilities are either in the process of implementing Risk Based Inspection (RBI) programs or rebuilding existing or stagnant MI programs. Our MI/QA team works as an owner/user resource to provide development and implementation of new or rebuilt MI programs.

Routine Maintnenance Planning

TCS provides personnel for routine maintenance planning services utilizing a variety of different CMMS programs including but not limited to SAP, Maximo, Avantis, etc.

Due Diligence Assessments - Mergers, Acquisitioins & Restarts

TCS performs due diligence assessments for companies who are considering merger, acquisition or restart of refineries, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and precious metal processing facilities.


Sustainable Goals

We are focused on building long-term relationships with our clients.